Why do we have to spend more time planning than traveling?
Everyone looks forward to traveling but planning... not so much. Planning a holiday getaway across multiple countries in Europe can be difficult for locals and tourists alike. “Net lag” and “scroll fatigue” often kicks in before you even find your ideal journey plan. The team behind Voyley has experienced this firsthand as well and we asked ourselves: why do we have to spend more time planning than traveling?
Our mission is simple. We aim to inspire sustainable travel.
Many Destinations.
Here at Voyley, we are dedicated to inspiring you to travel sustainably. We have built a search engine to help you plan and book your multi-city journey across Europe with buses and trains in the simplest way possible. Being travelers ourselves, we know flexibility is key in planning and we have made our platform as customizable as possible to your needs.
Why choose Voyley?
Have a few cities you wish to visit? Why not visit them all? You can now plan a trip spanning across multiple cities from different countries all in one browser page. We even make it easier by helping you make sure that there’s no conflicts in your bookings!
Mix & Match
Need to get there fast? Take the train! Want to take in the sights more slowly? Take the bus! We got you covered either way. Your journey can now have a mix of both train and bus segments and it’s all done in a single booking. The choice is yours and all of Europe is covered!
All-in-one Ticket
Tired of having to print all your tickets and organizing them on the go? With Voyley, all you get is a single digital ticket. Save just ONE ticket on your phone and you will never have to scramble for your tickets again. Worry less, enjoy more!
Smart Journey Planner
Based on the travels of travellers just like you, we are able to suggest some popular destinations you can stop along the way so that you can catch your breath and be refreshed.
Share & Earn
Part of the fun comes with sharing about your travels with your friends and family. Join us in our affiliate program where you can earn money via sharing journeys you have planned on your social media or even on our site!
Additional Offerings
Authorized Retailer
Anywhere in Europe, we got you covered! Voyley is partnered with 100+ travel service providers in Europe and beyond. Just focus on dreaming up your next getaway location and we will do the hard work of fetching possible tickets to get you there!
Secure Payment
Voyley utilizes the latest web technologies and is partnered with Stripe to offer secure payments. AES-256 secure encryption, PGP keys, and idempotency keys are used to protect your payment information. Rest easy, travel freely!
Sustainable Travels.
Voyley aims to only offer sustainable travel methods such as rail and bus which has a much lower carbon emission compared to conventional air travel.
The average airplane emits 285 grams of CO2 per passenger-kilometer. Compare this with the average train emission of 14 grams of CO2 per passenger-kilometer and the average bus emission of 70 grams of CO2 per passenger-kilometer. Traveling no longer is a choice between leisure and the environment. With Voyley you travel sustainably!
Stockholm, Sweden
Made in Sweden.
Voyley is a registered company (Aktiebolag) based in Stockholm City, Sweden. As the heart of Scandinavia and home to the Vikings, one of planet earth’s earliest explorers, we found exploration to be in our blood too. We love travel and are seasoned travelers. We have created our own adventures across Europe and know what travelers need and look out for.